Officina Ramuzzi: Bikes and scooter rental in Chianti

Bikes rent and much more...

Our workshop, active for generations in the heart of Chianti, is famous for the sale, repair and hire of bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes. We are well known for the attentiveness and professional skill of our staff and for the quality of our vehicles, each of which is subjected to careful and regular check-up.

We also deal in accessories, spare parts and cycling and motorcycling wear. In addition we are equipped for the repair of light transport vehicles. We only work with the best brands, that's why we have chosen Shimano and Bosch. We provide assistance for e-bike engines and we' re specialized with courses and dedicated equipment.

Bike sale in Chianti

Bike sale

In our shop you'll find the right bike for you, according to your way of practising this sport, whether you're a recreational rider or not!

Bike and Vespa rental in Chianti

Bike and Vespa rent

If you want to rent a bike or a Vespa you're in the right place! A wonderful and slow way to enjoy your Chianti landscape.

Bike and Scooter repair in Chianti

Bike and Scooter repair

Whether you need a tire change or a particular bike tuning before a race, we're here to help... to repair your scooter too!

BOSH and SHIMANO official support in Chianti

Official support

We only work with the best brands, that's why we provide specialized assistance for Shimano and Bosch powered e-bikes.

Riding my gravel at the sunset in Greve in Chianti.

A nice 20km (12,43 miles) unpaved loop, across farms and vyneards. Perfect also for mountain bikes, trekking bikes and electric bikes.


The Eroica race

This unique yearly race has already achieved cult status, further emphasizing the Chianti's role as cycling haven. Launched and promoted by the above-mentioned Associazione Parco Ciclistico del Chianti, the Eroica maters less for its outcome than for the love of the sport at heart...


Mountain biking in Chianti (3)

Please note: The times we have given is for riding without stopping to explore the numerous places of interest en route. The excursions start and finish at Greve, the little town which is the "capital" of Chianti. Its charming, irregular central square, Piazza Mercatale, is enclosed...